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I am an experienced educator who has taught in schools ranging in size from two teachers to a large year 7-13 college. I have leadership experience and have enjoyed my career path to Shotover Primary School. Post-quake Christchurch has been a learning experience, and Fendalton Primary has been brilliant for the last two years, but Central Otago has called me.

I am very excited about the opportunity to work in a new purpose-built environment that will offer superb learning opportunities for its students.

My outside interests include tramping and exploring Central’s heritage sites. I know I will have to become a gardener very fast with a new acre property in Wanaka. My husband is a builder, and I expect to spend part of my first summer in a hard hat and steel-caps helping him build our new home (well, holding the tape measure).

In the classroom one of my strengths is my ability to build positive relationships with students so that they want to give their best. I have high expectations of children and have found they then hold high expectations of themselves. I am practical and love the challenge of school camps. I go out of my way to find interesting experiences for her students.

I am excited to be part of the Shotover team and to meet the community.