The school's policies and procedures are set by the Board of Trustees. Here are links to key procedures. If you have any questions about these or any other procedures, please get in touch with the team in the office.

5.01 Care, Management and Protection of Children - This procedures describes how we protect children's safety, security and welfare. 

5.02 Child Well-being - This procedure describes how we promote positive relationships so that children feel valued and safe. It includes a definition of bullying. 

5.07 Cybersafety - This procedure describes how we foster the development of our children as cybersafe, cyber-savvy and responsible digital citizens.

5.08 Health and Safety at Work - This procedure describes how we ensure the health and safety of all workers, students, volunteers, visitors and contractors at the school.

5.13 Emergencies and Evacuation - This procedure describes what happens in the event of an emergency or evacuation. 

5.14 Adverse Weather During the School Day - This procedure describes what happens when school is closed early or children are kept at school due to bad weather during the day.

5.15 Adverse Weather Overnight - This procedure describes what happens when the school is closed or the start of school is delayed due to bad weather overnight.

6.05 Complaints and Concerns - This procedure describes the process for appropriately addressing a concern or complaint about the school.

6.06 Privacy - This procedure describes how the school collects, uses and discloses personal information.