Shotover 2.0 Introduction


In 2018 we spent quite a bit of time re strategising Shotover Primary School. 2018 was the fourth year of our existence and for those first four years, we were operating on a combination of the strategy that was conceived before the school had its first enrollment. Even before there was something we could refer to as a school community, there were only four paid staff and a small but committed group of locals who formed the original board.

So it seemed sensible and timely given the growth we’ve experienced, the number of staff we’ve added into the mix and the increased clarity we have on our future to recheck our strategic direction.  This work in 2018 we called Shotover 2.0.  Over the course of this year we will talk in more depth about different elements of this thinking.  For today, I want to draw your attention to a couple of elements of this.

Plan on a page

Have you ever wondered how can I describe or know and get a succinct understanding of Shotover Primary School and understand what they’re about?  The master document that can give you the answers to these questions and a couple more is our Plan on a Page.  Clicking this link will take you to the page on our website.

In a single well laid design you can see what we aspire to be, what is our core business and values.  The values we aspire to drive our behavior and growth and the three goals that are our collective focus for the next three years.

As 2019 unfolds we’ll go into different parts of this design and provide further detail and insight into what they mean, how they fit into the grand scheme of things and what you as a member of our community see happening on the ground.

In the meantime please feel free to have a look at our Plan on a Page and if you have any questions get in touch.