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After joining the Air Force straight from school I then worked in a large corporate organisation for six years.  I began my teaching degree as a 'mature' student while I had a young family and continued on with post-graduate studies. I continue to study specific subject areas for personal growth. I taught overseas for several years and I have taught at several primary schools around the country.

I am all about the 4e's of; enrichment, engagement, empowerment; and enlightenment through powerful learning.  I enjoy the challenge of hooking students into a topic by using strategies that suits their preferred learning style. 

My life out of school includes spending time with my whanau and pets, camping, water-sports including jet boating, skiing, aviation (not plane spotting), travelling, cycling, reading, learning languages, photography and oil painting. I also enjoy volunteering my time giving back to the community by being an active participant in various clubs.