Zac Brazel

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G’day team! My name is Zac and I’m super excited to be joining the awesome team here at Shotover. A little bit about me, I’m from a Sydneysider (don’t hold it against me) who loves the beach dearly and is happiest when connecting with the great outdoors.

As a mentor, I’m really passionate about building a culture of positive wellbeing and psychology with my students and always teach through an environmental and eco-friendly lens. My mum, Janette Brazel (thank me later for the plug Mum) is an author of children’s books and as such, I have an innate love of reading, writing and teaching literacy. I am also really passionate about when teaching with design at heart, using STEAM and inquiry models of learning. I’m pretty competitive when it comes to the sporty side of things which stems from growing up in multi-athlete family. I play field hockey myself and thoroughly enjoy following the NBA.

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting some tips on the best coffee and hiking spots in Queenstown.