Playground Project

Shotover Primary School first opened in February 2015 with 88 children.  We opened with brand new teaching spaces that we refer to as learning habitats.  Spaces in which we are guiding children in truly authentic learning.  Our vision is to create a climate of possibility, a culture, an environment which allows children to participate in authentic learning that speaks to their curiosity, develops their ability to think, teaches them how to collaborate, celebrates the joy of learning and is characterised by a growth mindset

Our playground project is a significant part of development and unfortunately falls outside what might be reasonably called foundation grants received from the government of the day. Therefore designing and building a suitable playground for Shotover Primary falls on the Board and therefore the community.

As you can see from the fundraising gauge on the left we've raised almost 25% of the funds needed for stage one.  This has been done through some successful grant applications, winter festival stall, disaster plaster fundraiser, sausage sizzles to name a few.