Will There be a bus service for Shotover in 2015?

In 2015 there are no specified bus routes for Shotover Primary School. However, if your child/ren live more than 3.2km from the school, then you are entitled to receive the Ministry of Education's conveyance allowance. This is a sum of money paid directly to you each quarter to cover transport costs. To apply, fill out this form, get Ben to sign the appropriate page and then send it to School Support (their address is at the bottom of the form).

Check this map to see if you are likely to be considered more than 3.2km from Shotover Primary School. If you’re not sure whether you fall inside or outside the zone, please email Trin (office@shotover.school.nz) and she will check your address against the Ministry's records.

What will be the Shotover Uniform?

There will be a compulsory uniform for all year levels. The uniform is the Shotover Primary School branded polar fleece, polo shirt, cargo short, cargo pant or skort. Images, prices and ordering can all be done online by clicking this link.

Shoes and socks should be in keeping with the overall look and feel of the uniform.

What's the deal with the sports uniform?

We have a sports uniform, polo shirt and shorts. This will need to be worn when your child is representing Shotover Primary School in a sport, like touch for example. It is not needed for regular physical activity teaching during a typical school day.

What does A staged opening mean?

Shotover Primary School opens for years 1-4 in February 2015. This will be extended to include years 5-8 in 2016.

What are the opening arrangements?

We will be opening on Thursday 5th February with a family BBQ beginning at 3.30pm. The following Monday, 9th February, will be the first full day beginning at 9am with your children in uniform.  Details will be communicated closer to the time.

Does Shotover have an enrolment zone?

Yes - you can view the map and description here. If you live within this zone you are entitled to attend Shotover Primary School, assuming you meet other requirements to attend a New Zealand state school. These can be found here.

Do you accept International Students?

At this stage in our development we are not set up to take international students. This may change in the future.

School Donation

The school will be requesting an annual school donation of $80 per child.


After School Care

sKids - Safe Kids in Daily Supervision - are providing after-school care. The programme is based onsite at the school library. sKids also run school holiday programmes. Contact Vicki James, phone 03 442 6614 or 021 251 8688, email queenstown@skids.co.nz or shotover@skids.co.nz

Will there be a school hall?

There will be a school hall/gym. This is a joint part of the project involving the Ministry of Education and the Queentown Lakes District Council. We anticipate it will be open for use in early 2016.

What is the FOS & what do they do?

Friends of School, or FoS, is the same as the school PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). It is a group of parents who work to support the vision of the school. They usually perform two functions: fundraising for school projects and assisting in running various school events. The first meeting of the Shotover Primary School FoS is likely to happen during term 4, 2014.

If you wish to be involved, take 30 seconds to fill out this simple form and we'll be in touch.

What will be ready on day 1?

The library, administration block and two learning spaces with capacity for about 200 children. In addition the landscaping will also be ready for use.

Will there be a playground from day 1?

No. This is likely to form the first project for the FoS. There will be play equipment, but not a playground structure as you’d expect in an established school.

Is there plans for a Kindy / ECE?

On the master concept plan, space is allowed for an ECE centre. However this is something the Ministry of Education determine, and it is not connected to the Shotover Primary School Board of Trustees.